Intruder Detection Systems Alarms

Alarm systems have been around since the mid 19th century; these systems have evolved and grown to keep up with the accelerated demand for their existence.

We at Secupro Security Services aim to use the latest technology in intruder detection to provide early warning of criminal activity.

Each alarm system is designed to meet the needs of the individual, family or business.

Systems can consist of many components, the most common being:

  • Control panels, ranging from small 8 zone system up to 192 zone systems.
  • Keypads, available in standard LED, LCD or touch screen technology
  • Infra red motion detector, conventional analogue detectors, pet immune detectors or digital dual technology detectors
  • Outdoor detectors (of which a wide range are available), each designed to monitor a specific area or environment
  • Emergency panic buttons are used to signal emergency situations such as, intruders, medical emergency’s or even fire.
  • Newer innovations allow for more advanced additions to your alarm system:cellphone-app

Cloud based monitoring and control allows you to operate and monitor your alarm system from anywhere using your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Voice prompted dial in modules allow you to arm or disarm your alarm system using a conventional tone dial telephone.

GPRS modules allow your alarm system to send you an SMS when an activation occurs. These modules also allow you to control your alarm system using SMS commands.

All our systems can be linked to an Alarm Monitoring Centre and Armed Response units to ensure an effective conclusion in your time of need.